Set up in 1995, having headquarters on 24th, Olteniei Street, Piatra neamt, Neamt Romania, Cozla Production Ltd. is a fully private capital company.

Owing to modern technology as well as to the quality of the water in the area, Cozla Production has been the only manufacturer the ANADOLU Holding approved of to brew EFES Pilsener in Romania. Hence, from 1997 until 1999 included, EFES beer sold all over the country was brewed and bottled by our company.

Since 2000, by adding new recipes to the traditional ones, with meeting national standard requirements, a new range of products has been launched on the market: ‘Carpina’ Beer and ‘Ceahlau’ Beer, brewed of imported malt and hop.

Since 2005 when the PET-bottling equipment was purchased, we have widened the range of consumers by putting on the market some new assortments of fizzy soft drinks with various natural flavours such as orange, cola, grapefruit, common elder, and lemon.

We have implemented and are currently maintaining the Assurance Quality Management System in compliance with SR EN ISO 9001:2001 requirements with RVA and HACCP certification, which observes the requirements of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS CAC / RPC 1-1969, rev. 4:2003 as well as SR EN ISO 22000:2005 standard framework requirements.

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